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That's some goood soundtrack music. Mm mm.

beccahyman responds:

Haven't watched the film yet, BUT i'm going to search for it online tonight. I love this song so much.

I love it to death

Any lack of quality of the beatboxing or whatever I completely forgive, because after watching it a couple of times, the lack of quality or whatever is going on in the audio totally matches the scene and action. It doesn't have to be perfect if the perfection doesn't fit the movie!
The abstract nature of the movie is really cool too, and even though I still don't really get the details of why he ages to grandpa and back, I do get the overall message of the piece. Everyone has a place, even if that place isn't where you thought it would be"
I dunno and I don't care, I love this flash, it makes me smile, and it gets me pumped. I love the beatboxing and the trippy music.
Good job. I've voted 5 like 6 times.

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My high score was 776,619.7 ft

That was awesome. I don't like how there's no such thing as motion to the right though. It made it really hard to encounter obstacles and helpers except at random.
But yea, that shit is AWESOME. GOOD JOB. WOW, THAT WAS FUN.


i thot this was a awsome game ,the puzzles are cool! and people tat give a 5 for this game u eat crap and drink piss for snak this is POKEDUDE (not mename3isme)


epic fail that was so lol

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It's interesting

But you make some mistakes and some of your chords don't work. The echo creates discord harshly in some places. But overall I think that the idea is sick.
I think the simple backbeat is quirky, how it is noticeable but then blends back in, it's really simple and funny. Not a bad thing, but some people might not dig it.
Just be careful of those bad notes. They create bad chords, creating bad sound. you kept it to a minimum though.

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This is pretty cool.

Yea, it may be out of genre but that doesn't mean anything. This is very good. The sound quality is actually very good, and it breaches on classical techno. That's pretty cool.
the melody is very unclear. It's a bunch of violin strokes that never become defined, even when they are alone. That's perfectly fine, because this piece is almost techno which usually relies on chords and a driving beat, but if you were really trying for a real orchestral kind of thing try to make a more pronounced melody the next time you do something like this. I don't recommend it for this song though. You did very well and this sounds very cool. Good job.


Oh my god I laughed so much. That was amazing. It may be utter crap, but I'll be damned if it isn't PLAIN AMAZING. I think I'll download it.
Wow, that is exceptional. And so unnecessarily creepy.

DJ-Babokon responds:

Okay? Thanks, I guess.


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It reminds me of good times

It reminds me of the game Shadow of the Colossus... how beautiful.
I really like it.
And wow 6 hours holy jesus.

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